Daddy’s Messy Day

At first glance, this story does not seem special, it is even boring. You will get acquainted with a family – a father, a mother and two kids. You will live one day with them. But there is one little nuance – the mother needs to go to work on that day. So the father remains at home with kids and tons of everyday routine. Will the hero cope with it all or not? You are here to help the poor man! Make sure you do everything right!

Do your best to assist the dad!

First of all, check the fridge – it is empty. The kids will be hungry soon. So you need to go to a supermarket to buy some food. Now it is time to cook something for lunch. So it is going to a challenge after a challenge. Do your best to guide your character through all these trials with ease. You know well men can feel a bit confused when it comes to home errands. So make sure you help him cook, clean and care for kids in the best possible way. It will be unbelievable fun to see the hero’s struggles!

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