Hyper Life

Everyone will agree that we always make choices. Every day we decide on multiple things without even noticing it. But every decision has some kind of effect on further events in your life. In this game, you will see how it all works. Actually, it is a cool life simulator, where you select one of several potential life scenarios. And your only task is to live it to the fullest.

Will you manage right choices?

The walkthrough is built in the form of questions. You need to provide an answer to each of them. You will have three variants of responses to choose from. All your choices will have particular results. So it will depend only on you what kind of life your personage will have. Do not worry – all questions are very simple, and you will not have to invent anything. Check it now what life you will arrange for your character? Will he become a successful person or a complete loser? Think well before you stop on a particular answer as it will always have consequences.

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