The Baby In Yellow

Games with kids are always associated with nice and joyful plots. But this time, you will meet an entirely different baby! You play for a babysitter. One family hired you for a few days to stay with a cute baby wearing a yellow overall. You will have to stay alone with your ward while his parents are away. Nothing looks wrong, so you gladly agree to this proposal.

Who stands behind all these strange things?

The house looks quite gloomy, however, things get really strange when you remain alone with the baby. It seems that some objects move on their own, or does your memory just play tricks? Something weird is happening, and you cannot explain why you feel not comfortable. And suddenly, the baby disappears. Now, you need to find it somewhere in endless rooms. Lots of traps are awaiting you. So, pull yourself together and find out what secrets this terrible place hides. Be very careful not to miss any obstacle. The truth will be really shocking if you manage to get to it.

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