Who’s Your Daddy

Imagine you’re a dad and you’ve got to take care of your toddler because mommy is away. You’re already sweating bullets and feeling a little bit dizzy because, let’s face it, you’re not really sure how to handle this whole parenting thing. But, hey, how hard can it be, right? Famous last words…

Babysitting your own kid? Not as easy as you think!

In Who’s Your Daddy you will become a young dad who needs to look after a child all day long. You have to keep a close eye on this restless ball of energy and cope with any tough or even dangerous (or better to say, life-threatening) situations that won’t keep you waiting for too long. First things first, your toddler is running around like a tiny tornado, and you’re just trying to keep up. It’s like a game of whack-a-mole, but instead of moles, you’re trying to keep your kid from sticking their fingers in sockets and climbing on top of the fridge.

Next, there’s the diaper situation. You’ve never been good at puzzles, but trying to figure out how to put on a diaper is like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded. And let’s not even get started on the poop. It’s like your toddler’s digestive system is a ticking time bomb, and you’re just waiting for it to go off.

Then, there’s the food. You thought making a sandwich was hard, but trying to prepare a meal for a picky toddler is like trying to solve world hunger. You’re cutting the crusts off of bread, whipping up some mac and cheese, and hoping to the parenting gods that your kid will actually eat it. All these duties fall on your shoulders as you play Who’s Your Daddy!

Keep the baby safe and pass the daddy exam!

As you’re going through the whole baby-sitting routine, you will encounter all kinds of problems and situations where you’ll have to react and act fast to keep your child safe and sound. There is no time to think a lot – your reflexes should be lightning-fast otherwise you risk losing the game. Yes, your baby can actually die if you’re negligent and inattentive. And that just shouldn’t happen!

Of course, everything you see on the screen is not for real, and it’s just a game to laugh at. All the situations are really funny, bizarre and even stupid. And you certainly won’t have a single minute to sit back and relax because your toddler is going to give you a really hard time! Set out on the challenging and fun quest of Who’s Your Daddy and see if you can make it!

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