Who’s Your Daddy 2

How good are you at baby-sitting little kids? Who’s Your Daddy 2 will give you a chance to find out! Here you will be tasked with taking care of a toddler who is a real nightmare and who also happens to be your son. In the process, there will be various assignments for you to perform and tricky situations you need to handle. You have to stick out until mom is back home!

Prove that dads are no worse than moms!

So, let’s talk about the age-old stereotype that dads are inferior parents compared to moms. It’s like society has this built-in assumption that dads are just awful babysitters, and they’re incapable of doing anything beyond changing a diaper or feeding a bottle. For some reason, everyone acts like dads are a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode. It’s like they think that if they leave their child alone with their dad for more than five minutes, the whole house is going to burn down.

And let’s not even get started on the unsolicited advice. Moms get all kinds of praise for doing the simplest of tasks, but when a dad does it, it’s like he’s performing a miracle. “Wow, you changed a diaper! You’re such a great dad!” Like, really? It’s not that hard, Karen. In this game, you have a chance to prove that! Start playing Who’s Your Daddy 2 and show that you can be a really great dad, even if your child is doing everything to test your parenting skills!

Cope with all the challenges and take good care of your baby!

Be warned – this task is no for the faint-hearted! Your baby will give you hell of a headache as you try to keep an eye on everything this little quantum creature is doing and follow him everywhere he is going. One look away – and he’s already poking something into a wall outlet. Or trying to get himself burned at the stove. Or tasting objects that are totally unsuitable for putting into one’s stomach.

You have to prevent all these unintentional acts of suicide and keep the baby from harm until the very moment the front door opens and mom comes in to take the little troublemaker off your hands. It’s just a few hours, but they will seem to last for a few days! And don’t even hope for your kid to get tired – he is full of energy and is ready to keep using it on the most dangerous and outrageous things all day long. Whatever happens, stay focused and pass Who’s Your Daddy 2 without a hitch!

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