BitLife Life Simulator

What would you do if you could become an author of your own life? This cool simulator will give you such a chance. Actually, here you can realize all possible scenarios – become a star or a criminal. Everything depends on the choices you make while playing. It is not a joke – your every action will bring some consequences that will influence the further events in the life of your hero.

Think twice before you act.

The walkthrough is very straightforward. You start from the birth of the protagonist. Now you need to decide what he or she will do next. Of course, there will not be many events at an early age of the hero. But things will move faster when he becomes a student. You will affect literally every aspect of his life – a family, a circle of his friends, a career and much more! With your help, the character can become a successful person with a lot of close people around. Alternatively, he can end up as a homeless or even a criminal of you make wrong choices.

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