Save The Uncle

This entertainment will take you on an exciting adventure that is built in a form of a puzzle. The story tells you about a scientist who is exploring an ancient dungeon. But he has activated a tricky system of traps by chance. Now he risks to remain here forever if nobody comes to his rescue. You will play for his nephew who will rush to free up his dear uncle. Are you smart enough for this trial? Then let’s get started!

You must think well before you act!

You will see the location on the screen. To clear up the way in front of the trapped personage, you should remove special pins. But you must do it with utmost care. If you touch the wrong element, you may ruin everything instantly. So try to calculate a few steps ahead before you remove a pin. Furthermore, there is an evil monster wandering here – make sure you avoid him too. If you do everything correctly, you will unlock the door to the next level where the challenges are even harder. Will you save the poor man?

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