Who Is Daddy

This game will take you on a very cool adventure. You will become a pregnant woman. You cannot even imagine how challenging your new role is. It is vital to rethink and change your everyday habits if they are harmful for your future baby. Here, you will have to make the right choices as you move along the path. At the same time, your pregnancy will be developing!

How to play?

You will meet lots of baby pacifiers and crystals as you walk – make sure to collect as many of them as you can. It is enough to swipe across the screen to pick them up. Besides, you will have to choose what gates to pass through. Naturally, if you see such options as sleep and stress, you should choose sleep. Try to avoid harmful food like pizza and burgers. But the most exciting thing is awaiting you ahead – you need to choose the right father for your baby. There are three options for you to consider – think well which of them is going to be the best in this role. Will you win the challenge?

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